Monday, July 19, 2010

Baking In The Street

We had a show this weekend and for once this year, there wasn't "High Wind Warnings" HURRAH! I can't complain, but I must, it was frick'n HOT! Oh man, it was a street fair, so we're set up on asphalt. We're talking the thermometer said 90 degrees, so inside our canopy tent it absolutely had to be 150 degrees! OMG! Trying to greet the people with a fresh, "Hi, how are you today?" and then happily chuckle(without sounding hysterical) when each of them grumbled, "HOT!" Need I bring up the fact that the friction between my husband and I could have Spontaneously Combusted the whole State of Montana? I'm happy to say we lived through it, we were able to stay at Moms for the weekend, and she kindly kept Gabby (the heat would've roasted the wiener dog!) while we worked. So really we had wonderful food, great conversation, cool accommodations, and a safe place for "The Gabster", ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD. I guess I really don't have any complaints that matter...though my feet would tend to argue. May you always find something WONDERFUL in a CRAPPY situation:)

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