Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm out the door for my morning walk with the girls.(What? A healthy choice? Whats next salad instead of pizza? Let's not go completely crazy.) I'm leaving you with a couple deep questions this to contemplate this morning...If you "wrap" up Gabby, does she become a HOT DOG? If Gabby falls asleep in the sun, is that GRILLIN' a dog? And last but not least, if Gabby is off her leash, is she a FREE RANGE FRANKFURTER?!? May you have a Doggone Great Day :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turquoise Twist

Turquoise is one of my favorite stones. The color is a necessity for me. It makes me feel good. It keeps me grounded and reminds me of my youth.(ahhh yes, I was so cool in high school with my 3 rings on one hand and 4 rings on the other, what a Turquoise REBEL) My softest and most favorite T-shirt is Turquoise, boy do I baby that thing, gentle wash, cool dryer etc...They say all things on the Earth run an 'energy'. The energy that turquoise has is very healing. It is very spiritually protective. It heals and cleanses the wearer, keeping them safe. the coolest thing it's known for is bringing peace to ones mind. Wow, PEACE OF MIND now that's a necessity. I hope you run across a Big Ol' Chunk of Turquoise to put in your window sill, the perfect Turquoise T-shirt, or an old Sterling and Turquoise Ring from the 70's (a tip to clean old jewelry: wash it in toothpaste, it'll shine the silver and it won't hurt the turquoise stone). In other words, May you always be PROTECTED and have PEACE OF MIND!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


OK, soooo yesterday was our second Saturday Market. The hours are a short 9:00am-12:30pm, a concise 3 1/2 hours. Now the weather was a little 'iffie', but stable enough that we got completely set up and ready to sell our wares. The Market opened sharply at 9:00 am, then about 9:30 it started to spit a few drops so we prepared a tarp to cover the displays, you know, 'just in case'. By 10:30 am it was POURING. The wind was blowing a moderate 20mph, nothing we hadn't managed through before, a little rain, a little wind, besides my Mom always told me "you'll be're not made out of SUGAR!" About half of the vendors pulled out, 'Sissies'. the rest of us stayed, slowly coming out from under our tents. We meticulously rolled our sides up and chuckled to ourselves, "We beat it!" The sun came out, the wind slowed down...Now we get down to the business of selling our handmade wares. 11:00am came and a few customers were strolling down the isles, umbrellas at the ready. A pair of earrings go out, then I box a small necklace for someones grandmother, we're on a roll of two...11:20am POW! The side of the canopy moves about 12" Oh Noooo, the wind, I stay calm, I mean, my gosh we have 80lb. weights on each of the legs of our tent. I HATE WIND, come on, stay nice for a frickin hour, that's all I'm asking. My husband tells me he's got to run to the restroom, I mistakenly think, that's cool I've got it under control "Hurry back" I say, with kind of a hysterical laugh. As soon as he was out of sight, WHAM! The tent moves another 12", with such force our earring display falls over. I grab the crossbars of tent, so me, the tent, and 340lbs of weight, lift off the ground, YES AIRBORNE! I call to the market Master (of course, the tiniest lady around) HHEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!! Anne and 4 men who we're walking by, grabbed the legs of the canopy. My husband came back just in time to chase earrings, (they're display cards acting like little tiny airplane propellers) oh and by the way, need I say, his mood had changed dramatically. This time the wind did NOT stop. We had to get the canopy down, the wind just kept blowing constant with the big gusts probably hitting close to 50mph. We started unstrapping weights and peeling off sides, everyone was hanging on for dear lives. All the jewelry displays toppled over twisting all the necklaces into 'knotted chain puzzles' for solving at a less crazy time later that night (now that's a family 'fun' project). Our booth set up usually takes us 2 hours to complete, this take down took us 25 HELLISH minutes, so I'm guessing you can figure out how things got packed. When we got home my husband packed the jewelry up stairs, set the boxes down, stripped, walked into the bathroom and crawled into a hot bath, got out and without a word went to bed. I made a pot of HOT coffee, took an 800mg Ibuprofen put on my Pj's and crawled into the Lazyboy with the wiener dog and a fleece blanket. Neither one of us had coffee and we didn't wake up until 5:00pm. It's HELL getting pounded on by the weather! It's the one thing you can't control. Maybe just maybe, we got the worst weather out of the way early in the show season, yeah, that's what I'm gonna think. May your partner be blessed with a bladder the size of Boise and may the Weather Gods always be kind to you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Gifts from the Universe, We are sent Gifts everyday, whether we see (receive) them is up to us. They could be as simple as a bright sunny day during a Parade, or as complicated as a family emergency changing travel arrangements and that delay keeps you from being in an accident. We notice the 'BIG' things, but we need to be grateful and pay attention to the 'small' Gifts. When we first started doing out of town Arts and Craft Shows, it was a big expense and always a gamble. If we didn't make enough money it would be a burden that would be hard to bounce back from. We signed up for a show in Great Falls, about 5 hours travel one way, and it happened...The Big Bomb and not Bomb like Randy says on Idol "That was the Bomb Dog", but Bomb the Big ol' Failure. We sat there for 2 days 'not' selling, Yikes! We were upset, worried and bored. All the while we pouted and griped to each other, but we also were talking to a gal from Guatemala who was traveling through the U.S.A. She supported her travels by wire wrapping jewelry and selling at these little shows. We became fast friends and she happily showed us a couple wonderful techniques she was doing. That horrible show really wasn't so horrible. The Universe Gifted us with a new friend and a wire wrapping technique that we have used for the last 15 years. What a GREAT Show! May you always NOTICE your Gifts big or small.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Compromise Is Good

Today was a bright and sunny day. It was gorgeous, blue skies, and not a cloud in sight. With the dawn of a new day I started a new phase in my life. I joined a group of my friends for a walk...TA DA!!! Yes, I WALK. I'm a Walker, I WALK! My girlfriend Cathi presented me with a new pair of Merrell tennis shoes. (she is so thoughtful). Not only am I a Walker, but I have "happy feet". Now the body is another story...yep sore, all parts are sore. I'll be a little slow in the morning, but I'm aiming to be out and Walking again. I hear you can turn good nutrition and exercise into a compulsion...hummm...We'll see, I really like to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. Maybe I can still 'Live La Vida Lo ca' with a little exercise on the side! May you be blessed with Good Health, I'll drink to that!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Show Season BLAST OFF!!!

Yesterday was opening day of Farmers Market! Oh yeah baby, the show season has officially started. THANK GOD. It was glorious...the sun was out, little wispy clouds, and a slight breeze. Very few people, but that will only increase. We're ready to start. We have jewels and we're not afraid to use them...HA! I say to the universe..."BRING IT" all I ask, is a chance to prove money can't make me happy:) May you meet all of your burdens with HUMOR.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Is Not Just Another Pretty Month

OK now, the month of August must have been very busy in our family through the years...Because we've had a bunch of births in the month of April, starting off with the eve of April fools Day, Happy B-day to you Auntie Pat. (If I had been there, we would've shopped or had tea together, something very 'girlie' and fun.) The 14th is my best buddy in the Bay Areas day...Happy B-day Debber! I wish I could've hung out with you. ( We'd drink Champagne, and eat Sushi till we're bloated for days! Just like old times.) Today, the 15th brings us Tax Day and my husbands B-day, it's also the day Lincoln died, the Titanic actually finished sinking, and the Hindenburg exploded...Whats that telling us?(Always keep receipts, don't go to the theater, and for goodness sake, stay off of Cruise Ships and Big Ol' Blimps!) My gorgeous niece, the RN, was born on the 22nd (She is responsible for getting me hooked on IDOL, thanks alot Heidi...Go Crystal and Lee!) My wonderful Brother, Kerry's Birthday is the 25th (if I was with him, I'd be playing Pinnacle or laying by the pool over looking the ocean in Kauai, WHAT AM I DOING HERE?)The 25th also happens to be my father-in-laws, Happy B-day Fred. Last but not least my lovely Sister-in-law Tammy finishes the list on the 28th. (If we were together we'd be in a Casino somewhere, Drinking 'Heavily' OH YEAH 'Heavily', PARTY ON!) You know... April would be a great month to vacation and visit everyone (hummm...).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE! May all of your wishes come true. I hope you have a very prosperous and healthy year. HAVE LOADS OF FUN... FIND YOUR BLISS... ENJOY LIFE!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WINTER STORM WARNING IN MONTANA TODAY...Hurry, Take Shelter...I love spring in Montana!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Inspired Prosperity(Success)... I watched the Masters Golf Tournament today. I was enchanted by Phil Mikelsons will to win. I have been a closet golf groupie for years. I've never played the game myself, and usually we work the weekends doing Arts and Craft Shows. (I remember when I was young I thought, "I'm never going to work weekends!"HA!) When we have an occasional Sunday off, you can usually find me making jewelry and watching a tourney. Back to Phil, he's had a rough year, not only is his wife battling Cancer, but his mother is also battling that same horrible disease. He has three small kids to worry about and I'm sure just regular day to day life worries like the rest of us. While the world watched and worried how "Tiger" would hold up, quietly in the background of the hoopla, Phil shot a good game. The 2nd day people noticed he was shooting a great game. Today, the 3rd day of the tournament, he was 'Loud and Proud'. In control and right on line, He won and accepted his trophy Green Jacket with the grace of a humble champion. He said he was inspired to succeed by those around him battling their foes. I myself am inspired to succeed by those around me... My Parents were my greatest inspiration. They taught me to be responsible and honest, but then they listened and trusted . My brother is my greatest Champion, he is strong, helpful and he inspires me to keep reaching for the stars. My friends inspire me to live, laugh and create, but also relax and be myself. My husband inspires life partnership as well as security and love. I am blessed with the Inspiration to Succeed and Prosper from those around me. My Mom has battled breast cancer and won, but it shook me to the core of my being. We lost my husbands Mom to lung cancer, that kicked the wind right out of us. I can't imagine how Phil concentrated on hitting a tiny ball into a tiny hole...But then again, I can hand knot a special order strand of pearls, be polite, calm, and chat with potential customers, in the middle of a thunder storm while the wind is blowing 50 miles an hour, in a 'tent' in the middle of main street Any Town, USA. We just find the Strength to Succeed. May you be blessed with INSPIRED PROSPERITY.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Friendships aren't supposed to be hard work. They shouldn't stress you out. It should be easy and secure. It should warm your heart, not make it ache. A friend should never judge you. A friend should always have your back. A friend should be able to tell you the truth (like, yes your ass looks big in those jeans) and because they told you, you should not be hurt, you should just take the jeans off and wear something else. (Otherwise you should laugh and be OK with a big looking ass.) I am blessed with friends just like that, and I thank the Universe for them. The other day I was thinking about my life and my many friendships along the way. I was getting a little melancholy over some lost friendships. I realized that some of the people I thought were my best friends, were really just people passing through my life. A true friend doesn't ever knock you down just so they themselves can feel superior. When you "shine" they're not agitated and jealous. Your own growth and self-esteem doesn't threaten them. I have been given a wonderful gift, My friends in the "present" helped me be excited about renewing old friendships, and thrilled about the prospect of new friendships in my future. May HEART FELT FRIENDSHIP shine on you.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is the day we winter lovers have been waiting for. Cold, wind blowing, every once in a while sun, snow the rest of the day, just awesome! Right now we have about an inch sticking. (on the ground) We need moisture, so we don't have forest fires this summer. The more rain and snow the merrier. All of our big Shows (Arts and Craft) have the potential of being smoked out, three years ago we did a show in Whitefish, Montana, just 15 miles up the road. OMG it was so smokey you couldn't even see the booth across the isle from you (I didn't even want to be there) let alone potential customers. Wow! Montana depends on tourism and if your traveling around, seeing the country with your family, you wouldn't stay in a state that is overwhelmed by smoke. We the Artists and Craftsmen of Montana are on the "bottom of the food chain of Retail"(classy aye?) you know the non essential IMPULSE items, handmade souvenirs, Bling, and Decor that the tourists buy, Our income depends on clear blue skies (Big Sky Country) so smoke is not our friend. "Oh mighty weather gods...Bring on the rain and snow!!!" Then when June comes, could we please have perfectly calm and gorgeous weather...Oh yeah and...Wouldn't it be nice if we could have everything be perfect in our lives? Perfect weather, perfect careers, perfect families, perfect relationships, Oh man, that would just be PERFECT. My wish today is "TOTAL PERFECTION" for all. Have a Perfect day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Great Day...

What a great day! I worked, I played, I enjoyed great conversation with very empowering women, I mailed off an order from our Etsy shop, I walked out of the Post Office into my favorite Montana weather, sunny and snowing!(no joke) I cooked a wonderful meal, I laughed with my husband, I planted my butt comfortably in a chair to watch my favorite eye candy, no brainer show American Idol. (Crystal, Lee, Shibhon, Big Mike) They're so going to the end...We should all have GREAT DAYS everyday!!! That's my wish!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday was our 29th anniversary. Wow, I know it wasn't just yesterday, but it sure doesn't seem like it was 29 years ago. I was thinking about our wedding day. It was a great day, family, friends, music, 24 cases of wine, and 15 kegs of beer. Woo Hoo!!! What a party! Everybody came to dance and get drunk, but my favorite part of the day didn't have anything to do with the reception party. The best part of the entire wedding day was a tiny bit of time when my Dad and I were standing outside the church doors, the bridesmaids were almost down the aisle. We were waiting for our cue from the music, in a few minutes we'd be walking down the aisle to a new phase of life. My Dad, with his quiet strength and wisdom, my guardian, my defender and loudest opponent in all arguments, my teacher, my best friend, the man whom I depended on all my life, turned to me and said, "There's 200 people in this church and a good man waiting at the end of the aisle, If you want to change your mind right now, I've got your back, No one will ever say a bad thing to you about cancelling this wedding. Wow, for real, a way out with no retribution. My Dad was awesome. Feeling totally Empowered, I reached out for my Dads arm. The doors swung open and we walked down the aisle into a new and exciting chapter of life with my wonderful husband. 29 years later... My wish today is LOVE and EMPOWERMENT for everyone!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Laughter and the K.D.W.C.

Talk about fun, last night our friends came down from St. Marys, Montana (one more step north and your in Canada, you know eh?...) and we had the "KILLER DOMINO'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" right here in our house last night. I Kicked Domino booty!!! They went down like sittin' ducks, easy peasy, (not really it was a total fluke, but it sounds good) Actually, we sit around the table, have a rousing game of Mexican Train Domino's, Yell, cuss, poke fun and harass each other, blow off tons of steam, but the most important part of the evening is the Laughing! We Laugh 'at' each other, 'with' each other, but mostly, at ourselves. Laughing is the only requirement you must heed in the "K.D.W.C." also if you get caught with the 'Double Blank' you're totally screwed!(50 fricken' points! WHAT?) I believe the most healing thing that we can do for our souls is laugh. Our cheek muscles might be a little sore, but our hearts and minds become lighter and brighter. I lived in a 27 ' travel trailer for 10 years on the road with my husband, so believe you me, I am very knowledgeable on this subject! Laughter lifts our spirits so we can soar with the eagles...or just simply make it through another day. My wish today is that everyone has friends to kick booty, and LAUGH LOUD with! Happy Easter Eve.

Friday, April 2, 2010

What A Face!

Today I thought I'd just let Gabby say it...HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Dog Drinks...


Just wanted you to know if Gabby really drank beer, she would probably drink CORONA.

My wish for everyone today is that they always smile and spread a little foolishness around.


Happy April Fools Day! I woke up this morning with a brand new attitude. It's the start of a new day, a new week, a new show season, and I've decided it's going to be GREAT!!! Jump into this wonderful new phase with me. We're all going to have the best year ever! You can feel it, It's in the air... It's exciting and energizing entering a new cycle of "abundance" (good health, increased knowledge, and MORE MONEY). Just reach out and grab it! I say, BRING IT!!! Are you ready? I AM!!!