Monday, July 19, 2010

Baking In The Street

We had a show this weekend and for once this year, there wasn't "High Wind Warnings" HURRAH! I can't complain, but I must, it was frick'n HOT! Oh man, it was a street fair, so we're set up on asphalt. We're talking the thermometer said 90 degrees, so inside our canopy tent it absolutely had to be 150 degrees! OMG! Trying to greet the people with a fresh, "Hi, how are you today?" and then happily chuckle(without sounding hysterical) when each of them grumbled, "HOT!" Need I bring up the fact that the friction between my husband and I could have Spontaneously Combusted the whole State of Montana? I'm happy to say we lived through it, we were able to stay at Moms for the weekend, and she kindly kept Gabby (the heat would've roasted the wiener dog!) while we worked. So really we had wonderful food, great conversation, cool accommodations, and a safe place for "The Gabster", ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD. I guess I really don't have any complaints that matter...though my feet would tend to argue. May you always find something WONDERFUL in a CRAPPY situation:)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


OMG! Cathi and I went to see the play "HAIR" last night. Way fun, I had a ball! We went out to dinner at Mambos and filled our gullets with rich Italian cuisine, Yum. She turned me onto Italian "Nachos", Crap, now that's a million calories good. Deep fried lasagna noodles drenched in cheese and cream sauce. We got a salad to share, you know, to balance the dinner with "good" calories, right? Then we waddled off to the theater to enjoy an evening of 60's Protest Music and "naked" Hippie's. Oh what an evening in Montana! I love the time I spend with my girlfriends. My husband? "HAIR"? I don't think so...May you fill up on rich, creamy foods once in a while, and may the only "naked" Hippie's you see be on stage in a theater:)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Really, where do the days go? My last blog was 10 days ago. I have been so disgusted with the Weather Gods lately, I thought I better give them some kudos for their behavior of late. We had a show this last weekend and had 3, count 'em, 3 perfect summer days. (The reason I'm stressing 3 is because that's really all the perfectness I can brag about, we lost yesterdays Market due to high wind gusts and rain, GEEZ...) I have invested heavily into silver, trying to prepare for our BIG shows that are coming up in the next few weeks, so I'm sick to my stomach and kinda whirling from the over use of the debt card. We do a small show this weekend close to Moms house, so no real travel expenses, Woo Hoo! Moms food and fun, yeah man, life is good. I'm already planning on Pinnacle and Mexican Train Dominoes, oh and if a Yankee Pot Roast or Mom's Red Chicken Dinner happened Friday night, we'd be talking, "LIFE IS PERFECT". May all the days in your life be "WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER PERFECT".

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy 4th everyone! I'm in a much better state of mind today, a 4th of July state of mind. Right now I'm watching a John Wayne Movie Marathon, (I'm in the middle of CHISUM, JOHN CHISUM) I've already seen McClintock! and North to Alaska, and Cahill U.S. Marshall is coming up next. Now I'm thinking a 6-pack of beer, some friends, a BBQ, Fireworks (illegal, or just sparklers and those stinky black snakes), and I've done all I can do, to contribute to a perfect Celebration. My Dad would be proud. I miss him, especially on patriotic holidays. He was a proud American, an ex-Marine who teared up every time the "National Anthem" or "Amazing Grace" was played. He taught us that it was a Privilege and a Right we had as Americans, to do and be whatever we wanted as long as it didn't hurt someone else, to think and say the things we felt in our hearts, but before we bitched we should know both sides of an argument, and we should respect peoples differences. He was also the one who taught me that "Yeah, LIFE IS NOT FAIR!" Then he'd end that sentence with,"Tough S--t get over it!"(Just wanted to let you know it was not all sticky sweet all the time.) But then he was the first one to apologize when he was wrong, applaud you when you were right, hug you with love, or simply smile at you, and confirm a job well done. He and my Mom raised 3 independent individuals with loud voices and good values. They did a fabulous job. So now on this Celebratory day, we know that, Mom, Dad, The Duke, Beer, Friends, BBQ's, and Fireworks, is all takes to fill my "Americana" needs and make me feel happy and proud. May your 4th be WONDERFUL, may you "Oooo and Ahhh" at the Fireworks tonight, and may we NOT have to get back to 'reality' until tomorrow:)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Went to market today, it was gorgeous this morning. "Awesome" got set up, hung the jewelry, put on the SMILE, had fabulous customer response, tourists abundant, had a good market going...And then...BOOM! Thunder, Lightning, Rain, Wind, oh yeah, lets not forget frickin' HAIL. Cripes, we had 6 inches of hail in our awning. It would have looked like winter, but geez, it rained a couple inches in like 5 minutes, so it was hard to tell what was really happening, You know, a ripping river of water flowing thru the booth, like we were the Kalispell Fork of the Flathead River. I've never seen so many soaking wet Artists, Craftsman, Farmers and greenhous People. And with the exception of the few of us in total hysterics, I don't think I saw one tiny smile. (huh? that's so surprising, it's such a pleasure to try to hold down a metal framed tent in a lightning storm!) OK mighty Weather Gods, W.T.F.? I'm now going in to take a hot shower and make a drink, I'm thinking something heavily VODKAish. May all of your fights with the Weather Gods be 'NOT' in a metal tent.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Nothing New But More RAIN!!!

Rained out of Polson Market, Damn, didn't even get to see Mom. No smiles, No trinkets, No Yankee Pot Roast, No Pinnacle, Totally ripped off of all Friday Happiness...Oh well, tomorrow's another day. We'll try for "ULTRA HAPPINESS SATURDAY". Market in the morning and "SUNSHINE & SMILES" all the rest of the day.(OK, that was even too sticky sweet for me, YIKES!) Back to reality,(It could be frickin' snowing! It is in St. Marys, Montana) A better day is on the way, I can just feel it. May all your days, rainy or sunny, be "BETTER".

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rest and Rehab at MOMS!

Fort Benton was a great party, and a "decent show". I'm exausted from sleeping in the truck for 4 nights (elbow to elbow with the husband...We should each reicieve the Medal of Honor just for 'NOT' killing each other), showering at a near by RV park (standing on your tip toes like thats gonna keep the Cooties off you), and eating out of a cooler (4 days of sandwiches and chips, oh yeah, SUPER HEALTHY). My bed felt sooo 'comfy' when we got home, we slept for 2 days straight. Now we've been getting ready for 2 farmers markets this weekend. (Happy 4th!!!) Going to see Mom tomorrow after the market, awesome! (Yankee Pot Roast and Trinkets!) May all your days be filled with little trinkets and Big Smiles from Mom:)