Saturday, May 29, 2010


My Old Man is SNORING! Seriously, he's in the bedroom napping. We're 2 for 2, enough! Rain yesterday, the Market in Polson sucked. 40 degrees is generous, I really don't think it got that warm. On the other hand, went to Moms, played pinochle and ate "Mom's Famous Yankee Pot Roast"...LIFE IS GOOD!... Today we went to Big Fork White Water Festival. We didn't even get to set up! It was just pouring, (CRAP)...LIFE NOT SO GOOD... Oh wait, Mom sent home "Pot Roast Leftovers"...LIFE IS GOOD!... May you NEVER need to find comfort in food, but if you do, may it be FABULOUS comfort food:)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last night we DVR'd Idol and we went into the East side of Glacier National Park and looked for Grizzly Bears. What did you do???
May all your Griz sightings be from inside of a car:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My 1st Treasury!

I learned, with the careful guidance of Cathi, how to put together a"Treasury" on ETSY. Now this is pretty cool, as Cathi says, "it's very Buddhist like", your not allowed to use your own product. You're learning to see and promote others. I've also learned this helps you make contact with 16 other artists and craftsman. Even though there's like 8 billion of these awesome treasuries, mine is pretty awesome. I've been collecting favorites on "Beach Weddings" so take a peek at:

I'm featured in two other Treasuries so please check these out too!

May you all have a very Buddhist like day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

That Kind Of Day...

Did you ever wake up and immediately start having "That Kind Of Day"? This morning I couldn't come out of the coma sleep I was in. Man, I just layed there when I woke up, trying to come into this 'Earth Plane' but quite honestly I was stuck in 'Never Never Land'. I went and took a shower to jolt myself out of the fog bank, but seriously I still wanted to climb back between the sheets and hibernate the day away. My husband (who lost 41 lbs. by walking faithfully. Swear to God, he eats twice as much as he did before, men are just freakin lucky on this body chemistry thing...JERKS!) is hollering at me to hurry, We're going for a WALK?!? OMG, What have I done with my life? I'm turning into some kinda healthy thing? Move over Susan Powter (STOP THE INSANITY!)...Yeah right, I'm aiming more for a real lazy Richard Simmons (Com'on Girls, lets just MOVE for a minute)...Anyway, even though I feel like a wet dog, I'm gonna shake it off and GO. May all of your "That Kind Of Days" turn into "Totally Awesome Kind Of Days"!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have a Hokie Day!

Good Morning, Wow, my husband and I have been really busy this last week. Our Markets are picking up, we've had a couple of orders on our Etsy Shop, we are building up our jewelry inventory, Mom came and spent the night (OK, now that was just FUN! A slumber party! Although at this time in my life, We actually SLUMBERED.) This last week has also been crammed with walking 3 miles every day and finding a few minutes here and there to center and meditate and for this model of the perfect adult ADD freak, that is no easy feat! Yesterday, Cathy ( and I made copies, then hand addressed and mailed the applications for our "August" Art and Craft Show, Wow, already. Our June Show is almost upon us. June 11-13 is the 1st "Summers First Art Blast". We've had an excellent response. We have most of the categories filled, and just a couple spaces left to work with. It's very EXCITING and extremely CHALLENGING to be a Promoter of a show and a participating Artist, but then isn't that what it's all about? (I mean besides the Hokie Pokie and all...) May all your summer days be EXCITING and CHALLENGING and may we all LOL that the HOKIE POKIE is really what it's all about!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Bad Week

I'm sorry I've let the blog go for a few days. It's been an interesting week. Let me start at the beginning...Last January I decided to do a few things to clean up my act. I gave up Pepsi and the other true love in my life, BREAD. I mean to tell you this is no easy feat, I absolutely believe I went through withdrawals...I had the "lack of BREAD shakes" and the "missing my ice cold Pepsi migraines". Oh yeah, my poor husband (he's not that poor, after 29 years of marriage, he holds up just fine), I might not have been very pleasant to be around at times, (if you could believe that one) I'm usually so charming when I give up my lovely compulsions, (yeah right) like 10 years ago when I quit smoking...Yikes, that was rough, I think the people around me were actually talking about hiring a Hit Man...Anyway back to the blog, I got off the Pepsi and the bread and this week I started a little more hard core DIET. Yuck, I don't even like the word, but please the politically correct LIFESTYLE CHANGE is sooo not me. I've been walking 4 times a week with a group of friends, and now this, IS IT THE APOCALYPSE? Well is it? That would be my luck, Suffer without all of my favorite foods, loose weight, feel great, and then the world ends! Damn the Hopis were right! Oh well, I'd be lookin' HOT on the other side:) EU LA LA Mon Cheri. May we all reach our goals and for the stars!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's MOTHERS day today! I would personally like extend a very hardy HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to every MOM I know. You are all wonderful and have the most important job in the UNIVERSE. I personally have the "WORLDS GREATEST MOM" and not just because I happen to know she reads my blog, But because she is COMPLETELY FABULOUS! She has always been there for me, always supportive, and most of the time she has been my only cheerleader. She taught me how to be a kind and loving person. Don't get me wrong, both of my parents excelled at raising us kids, but my MOM was on her own a lot when we were small, because DAD traveled for work. Basically I thought, and still do today, that she is a "SUPER HERO". She's as beautiful as a movie star, She could sing like an ANGEL, (She was in the professional singing group, The Escondido Oratorio, They cut a 45 vinyl record and everything!) She baked bread and her Carmel Rolls were honestly FOOD FOR THE GODS. She taught us morals and ethics and how to play Old Maid and Go Fish. She has always been magical, she could heal our broken hearts or a cut on our finger with a simple kiss to the forehead. But the one thing that proved she was 'ISIS' in blue jeans was her incredible talent for BLOWING BUBBLES. She'd always have BAZOOKA bubble gum in her pocket, and with the precision of a surgeon, she would carefully tear the piece in half and give us each our share. Then because she has the "Patience of a Saint" she taught us all, (even the neighbor kids) how to BLOW BUBBLES. Pretty pink BUBBLES, tiny snapper BUBBLES, big bruiser BUBBLES...We'd sit for hours chewing and striving to create the perfect BUBBLE. I'm thinking now that MOM was not only a SUPERHERO she was frickin' EINSTEIN! She kept us busy, so she could accomplish some of the zillions of chores she had to do during her day (washing, hanging, and ironing laundry, baking, cooking and cleaning, teaching, healing and loving, a family of 5) When I was a child, my MOM was the Perfect MOM. Now that I'm an adult and well into middle age, She is still the Perfect MOM. We talk every day, and I still need her support and cheerleaderism (if that's not a word, it should be!) Thinking about her makes me smile. Thank you MOM for being a SUPER HERO PARENT and my best friend. My wish today is that EVERYONE be wrapped safely in MOMS LOVE ( I'm happy to share, She has plenty of it to go around, she's a SUPER HERO for Gods sake!)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well, I'm ready to talk about it now. We had our first Art and Craft Show of the season this last weekend. It really wasn't that productive. Sales were disappointing. There were many variables in play to thwart the show. (Cool huh? thwart?!?) It was early in the season, it was a new venue for this show, the tourists aren't here yet, the storm that should have kept people out of their yards and flower beds, was soooo nasty that they stayed at home out of the RAIN, HAIL, SNOW, and frickin' knock you over WINDS! But that's the nature of the 'Beast', You never know what your gonna git. "Life is like a box of choc..." Are you kidding me? It plain ol' pissed me off that the weather wouldn't calm down like I thought it should. It's shocking to realize that I can't control things like the weather, no matter how tightly I 'squeezed'!!! Oh well, I'll try harder next time. We've been working on some new things this week and we'll be ready for the Weather and Market this weekend. May you learn to work with the Universe with wisdom. "LET GO" but still "SQUEEZE OUT" what you want on the SIDE! Have a wonderfully Controlled Day :)