Sunday, August 1, 2010

To Wrap Or 2 Rap...

Crazy Days! It's the time we've been waiting for, The height of our season. The weather is still "iffie" but, WE'RE READY! Bring It! We have our biggest show this next weekend and my husband already thinks I'm the bossiest "Bitch" he's ever seen...Ah, things are right on track. He's been wrapping the tiniest stones with the tiniest wire we've ever used (whew, I'm glad that's him, I just keep putting stones in front of him, and he just keeps wrapping ugh!) Wouldn't the picture be so much funnier if he was sitting in his chair "Rapping" Say Dog, It's all Good...OK, it's probably only hysterical if you knew my "Redneck of an ol' coot Husband". Anyway, I tied 10 multi-pearl necklaces 2 days ago and after yesterdays Market, we have none left. That's good and bad at the same time. So we'll remain Crazy for 2 more weeks, with the weathers cooperation and customers with money to spend, all will be well. We have some awesome new things made and we're NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM! So may you also have a very abundant season, and may we NEVER have to see or hear my Husband RAP!

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