Thursday, June 24, 2010


We're headed out to Fort Benton, Montana today. Fort Benton is this gorgeous little town in the middle of "NO WHERE" Montana. We love going there, the people are super friendly and it's a giant "PARTY!!!" The Arts and Crafts Show is always nice, but it's the "FREE" Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning and and the "BIG DRUNK FEST and STREET DANCE" on Saturday night that keeps you coming back! Last year they had the best Fireworks Display I've seen in a long time, FUN, FUN, FUN! So if your not busy...(we'll see you there?)May all of your "Craft Shows" side saddle with Fireworks and Kegs O' Beer, and may you find a "PARTY" in everything you do, (even work!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

MISSING SOMETHING? Ever Just Feel Like An Empty Box Of Bananas?

I've been without wireless for 20 days. Man, I never thought I'd miss my computer as much as I did! Of course I never thought I'd use a cell phone for more than just a couple of calls a month, HA! I can't even go an hour without making or receiving a frickin' call or even worse a TEXT! Wow, I'm so past jumping into the new millennium I'm running headlong into the next...May all of your "electronic devices" run smoothly, and may every one of your "Banana Boxes" be full of LOVE:)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still Raining, Still Frickin' Pouring

Man it just won't STOP! I know in my heart that rain and snow can fend off forest fires this summer, but could it possibly rain only after 9:00 pm, that would be much more convenient for me. And isn't that what its all about... ME. Right now I'm feeling a little picked on, you know, when you're sure that "The Weather Gods" have actually pin pointed you out to "kick". Alright already, I'm done with feeling puny! Time to take charge, I'm sending SUNNY VIBES and RAINBOW DUST out to the UNIVERSE. There, that ought to do it! May you never feel puny, and always take charge of your own UNIVERSE.