Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Life... Total Fireworks Baby!

I'm getting rested. I can almost form complete sentences. Soon I will be up and blogging again. I miss it, it's a great way to dump some crap and just laugh at my life. We finished our last big show of the summer season, (Ha! summer, last weekend it rained again and darned near snowed during our show.) It's been a mighty cool summer. Last Thursday night the temperature dropped from 94 to 55 degrees over frickin' night. By Sunday morning it was a balmy 38 degrees. The shows have been OK, we'll be fine. I was just looking for "TOTAL FABULOSITY"(now is that really a word?) Whatever, that's what I was looking for. We're headed for the middle of Montana in a week. Exciting...More shows on their way, of course, there's always another show. It's my life. Welcome, May you have "FABULOSITY" every day of your life.

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